Calling all thespians, filmmakers, dancers, vocalists, producers, and writers!

Applications to the following programs often require a portfolio that is highly specific to each college and program.



Musical Theater

Music (Vocals)

Music Industry


Writing (Creative, Screenwriting, or Playwriting)



Collaborative Arts

Our team works with you to build your strongest portfolio, allowing you to showcase your talent and your uniqueness in the admission process.

Our counselors have backgrounds in admission from several of the most reputable arts, film, writing, and performing arts programs in the country. Our team includes the former Assistant Director of Admissions at UCLA, former Associate Director of Admissions at Emerson College, and former Director of Admission at Chapman University.

We have worked with students admitted to…

Our comprehensive program covers the following

Development of a Program/College List

Program Specific Resume

Summer Planning & Resume Building Suggestions

Testing Timeline and Planning

EA/ED Strategy

Creative Submissions/Development

Artists Statement

Additional Personal Statement Workshop & Review

Supplemental Essays Workshop & Review

Review of Applications

Rehearsal and Preparation for Prescreen Videos & Auditions

Rehearsal and Preparation for other Video Submissions

Mock Interviews

Ongoing Advice & Consultation

Due to the specific requirements of these applications, we currently offer the items above in a single comprehensive program and a limited number of a la carte programs.

Please call (+1) 323-942-9302 for more information.